Peter Prinsen, a Dutchman also speaking English fluently, graduated in 2001 from Hogeschool van Amsterdam with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy. He then started working in a private clinic in Hilversum and a year later started to study manual therapy at Stichting Opleiding Manuele Therapie in Amersfoort graduating with a second bachelor’s degree in manual therapy in 2007. The following year, with seven years of professional experience, Peter started teaching physical therapy at the International School for Physical Therapy Thim van der Laan in Nieuwegein.

In 2011, after working for a period of ten years in a private clinic and teaching for three years in Holland, Peter decided it was time for a change in climate and moved to St. Maarten.  For the next eight years he worked at the St. Maarten Health Care Clinic in Cole Bay, where he mainly attended to patients with musculo-skeletal related disorders (back and neck complaints).

In 2013, he began visiting St. Eustatius to re-establish physical therapy on the island.  He continues to fly there on Wednesdays to treat patients and the residents of the Auxiliary Home.

In 2015, Peter was elected, and continues to be, the president of the Windward Islands Physical Therapy Association. In 2017, he became a member of the Council of Health of St. Maarten. Peter is also the founder of the St. Maarten Paramedical Association. This association, established in 2019, represents the physical, occupational, speech and language therapists and dieticians working in St. Maarten.

Annually, Peter organizes at least two courses for the physical therapists in Sint Maarten and is the initiator of the Memorandum of Understanding between the associations of The Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao and St. Maarten. This MoU aims to create closer links between the professional bodies to promote various issues such as quality assurance of paramedical care in the Caribbean.

In 2019, Peter opened his own practice; ProPhysio Prinsen where he continues to offer hands-on therapy for SZV and private patients.  He also continues his representation work, running training courses and travelling to St. Eustasius to treat patients there.